Over the years we have put together a collection of business improvement blogs which speak to a particular business issue or circumstance. Typically, these were written for a specific client, so their origins stem from a real business need.

Please feel free to browse the collection and use those that can assist you with your business improvement journey. If however you can’t find what you need, then contact us as we may have something in our internal resource library which can assist.

Leadership is one of the many buzzwords used in business today. Yet, when you challenge someone to define what they call leadership, often there is nothing but silence. When you look around the world at some of our pronounced leaders, leadership is perhaps the last word you would use to describe them. Unfortunately, this is also very true in many business operations. As individuals, business owners, business coaches, employers and employees, we have a collective responsibility to define leadership for our collective benefit.

Characteristics of successful leadership

From my experience in small, medium and corporate businesses, the best leaders I … Read More