Hear from some of our clients

We signed up to Stewarts mentor on demand group training after being given many recommendations from people who had dealt with Stewart.

We feel confident that Stewart understands the nature of our fast growing business, and have now progressed to his mentor on demand 121 program.

We are excited for things to come!

Rob WandallerMelbourne Home Builders

Stewart helped us gain focus and clarity across all areas of our business, while assisting to balance personal and family time. The balance of activities has set us up for a sustainable business growth with confidence into the future.

I would recommend SCS Coaching for practical business improvements that will free up your time and increase your profits. I will continue to draw on Stewarts knowledge and experience to support us though each stage of our business growth.

PI Technology(Google Review)

Stewart’s firm direction and honest approach has helped us immensely with our business goals. I highly recommend SCS Performance.

GMG Automotive (Google Review)

Thanks to Stewart I’ve been able to keep on track with business goals and keep motivated to push through difficult personal times. He’s much more than just a business coach.


“Stewart Clark from SCS Performance is our business coach – why? Because he actually helps us get results.

Since starting our business in 2003, my partner and I have used a number of avenues to build our business skills – experience, books, workshops, seminars, business owner groups and entrepreneur training. Prior to starting with Stewart in 2015, we knew WHAT we needed to do to improve our business – just didn’t have the structures in place to actually do it.

We improved our business revenue by 18% last financial year, and are on track to increase it by a further 21% this year. How are we achieving this? Stewart’s particular talent is to identify the next actions to do to move the business along, then to actually help with the implementation and ensure they happen. In recent months, we have developed a brochure, redesigned our website, changed our CRM and Project Management software so we have objective management data, updated our operational software, increased the range of our product offering and started presenting to business groups on topics close to our heart, such as online marketing.

Do I recommend Stewart Clark as your business coach? Absolutely. He is approachable, practical and honest – and he improves your business results. Don’t wait – give him a call.”

-IT Industry

A word from our clients…. (YouTube clip)

The Business Demand Group Training really opened up my eyes on all different parts through out my business, the one to one’s with Stewart are very knowledgeable and a very understanding person. I would highly recommend SCS Performance to any business.

Ian Pullar

Finess Car Care(Google Review)

Stewart is a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is firm and holds us accountable, which in a small business is vital for understanding all aspects of our business and enabling growth.

Thanks for being on our team Stewart.

Melbourne Home Builders(Google Review)

Stewart has been instrumental in helping our business grow and develop to places we dreamed about however were unsure how to take it there. We are indebted to his guidance and advice.

Sarah Backholer

Helping Hands(Google Review)

The Business Mentor on Demand Group program has turned my business around. Profit is up by around 30%, I’m more aware of my costings and my sales close rate has improved. Fantastic value for any business who wants to make money.

LRB Electrical(Google Review)

I have worked with Stewart for a few years now and I can’t recommend his services highly enough. Before I started working with Stewart I was very frustrated with my business and ready throw in the towel. It was a familiar story; working too many hours, not making enough profit and unable to see a way out. With Stewart’s system, he developed a new business plan that we then followed and continue to follow today. The result has been a business that is vastly more profitable, I have wonderful work like balance and much reduced stress. There is no doubt that Stewart transformed my business and by virtue of this, my life. His approach is both practical and strategic allowing me to operate the business with an eye on the future whilst doing the required daily tasks to meet the business goals. As a sole director having an advisor as great as Stewart is invaluable. To anyone considering using Stewart, I would say do it! You wont regret it.

Damien Battersby

Proactive IT(Google Review)

I have worked with a number of business coaches over the 23yrs in business. And Stewart and the team from SCS Performance are by far the best coaches I have ever experience. Bring practical experience with over 20yrs of corporate experience then back up with the education provides a winning formula. If you are looking to succeed in business you need to contact Stewart and the team from SCS performance

Simon Fox

Lifestyle Essentials(Google Review)

Stewart’s guidance is 2nd to none – he knows more about business than anyone I know and his group program would be the wisest and best bang for your buck you’ll ever spend on your business acceleration. Everything Stewart gave to me from his program is still in use today and available for every next step I take.

H Froelich Bookkeeping(Google Review)

Stewart is a wonderful support and as a business coach this is pivotal. His intelligence and professionalism is of the highest calibre and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about engaging a savvy and effective business coach.

Health Industry

After taking over the family plumbing business 5 years ago I quickly realized how little i knew about running a small business.

Stewart’s guidance, knowledge and expertise are the reason I now have a successful commercial plumbing business with 40 staff and now a residential plumbing business with 7 technicians, all of this in just 3 years, cant wait to see what we can do over the next 3 years, thank you so much Stewart.

Xceptional Plumbing(Google Review)

Stewart and SCS have been excellent at setting up a template and making sure that the deliverables are achieved as set out. The clarity in communication and setting realisable expectations is much appreciated.


Stewart has helped us in every facet of our business. His knowledge and ideas are second to none. Since he’s been working with us, our sales have more than doubled! Thanks Stewart!

Valley & Peak Weddings(Google Review)

Stewart’s wisdom, experience and advice has made a significant positive impact to our business. I strongly recommend any business owner looking for growth and direction to give him a call – you won’t regret it!

Leigh Toomey

LAT Insurance(Google Review)

Think about everything your doing for your business today, now imagine doing it better. In my short time with Stewart and SCS Performance I have learnt things about my business and the ways to improve how they are done that I could never have though to learn in such a short amount of time. Stewart’s vast knowledge in all areas of business on things I can’t even begin to comprehend, astounds me to this day. The value that Stewart has bought to my business is amazing and I can’t wait to see where we take it in the future. Thanks again Stewart, I’m so very luck to have you on my team.

Aprimo Painters(Google Review)

Based on your support and implementation of better advertising and constant follow up of all jobs quoted, we are now in a position of growth, we have change our strategy to promote the services instead of building a brand.

The rewards are already showing and we are now in a position of growth, based on the trend I believe that I can continue to drive the growth of the business, it was good to be reassured by someone with good business experience.

Manufacturing / Fabrication

I have worked with Stewart Clark from SCS consulting for about 16 months, I must say that he is brilliant!

If you are thinking of working with Stewart don’t think just do it, his experience and professionalism is up there with the best, but the way he is able to strategise and get you to look at your business from a different point of view will make the difference between staying where you are at or taking your business to the next level. Thanks Stewart for all your help and support!

Health Industry

Stewart’s guidance is 2nd to none – he knows more about business than anyone I know and his group program would be the wisest and best bang for your buck you’ll ever spend on your business acceleration. Everything Stewart gave to me from his program is still in use today and available for every next step I take.

H Froelich Bookkeeping(Google Review)

SCS performance has been an instrumental part of growing our family business. Professional, passionate and relevant – I have no hesitation recommending Stewart to friends or family, or anyone wishing to improve their business

Alpine Trade Group(Google Review)

After working with Stewart Clark from SCS Performance for about 4 months, I had already gained more value from my coaching sessions than I had from my previous coach over 18 months.

Real Estate

We joined the Business Mentor on Demand Program 3 months ago and it has been the best decision we made during these strange times. Stewart’s knowledge & experience in dealing with many Small Businesses, candid feedback and follow up has been instrumental in helping us make significant changes in how we operate. Thank you Stewart! We look forward to continue to learn and create change with your guidance!

Signarama Mt Waverley(Google Review)

Stuart has been a fantastic business mentor, his in-depth knowledge of finance and business structure is 2nd to none. A large pool of resources; including bookkeepoers, web designers, marketing experts and legal advise make Stuart a one stop shop.

I highly recommend his expertise for any business of any size.

Tidon Constructions Pty Ltd(Google Review)

Stewart Clark was recommended by a mutual connection. From the moment Stewart entered my office I felt a sense of calmness come over me. I called Stewart because I am a business owner with no partner and I had many ideas for the business but no one to share ideas and strategies with.

Stewart and I have worked closely over the past four months and together have managed to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and professionalism of my commercial plumbing business. He has also been an incredible support in helping me to achieve my dream of establishing a new residential maintenance company. He assisted in everything from developing the vision and name for the company, through to assisting with website development, business cards, vehicle signage, marketing and sales strategies. Additionally, his financial advice and guidance around human resourcing for both my companies has always been sound and insightful. The strength of Stewarts service is his vastness of knowledge and the diversity of his skills. He is a great sounding board and would be an asset to any business owner.

Plumbing Industry

Thank you for your contribution over the last 12 months or so, we have both really appreciated your work. You have definitely seen the worst of us on more than one occasion, and you have managed to challenge us both in an appropriate manner. I have especially appreciated your flexibility in style, and ability to adapt according to what we needed most at a particular stage of the business.

Your program/coaching has helped us gain clarity about what needs to be done, maintain focus with vision and practical measurables for the entire team. You have helped us grow both turnover and net profit, and set up countless systems allowing for continued growth.


There just aren’t enough stunning words to describe how much Stewart has helped me grow my business mentality. I worked with Stewart for more than a year refining, developing and creating my own business model.

I am constantly amazed at how much one man knows about running a business and now have direction, determination and confidence to achieve what we have worked on together.

If you are looking for a business angel then go no further, you have found your man.

Professional Services

I recently worked with Stewart to analyse my business structure so that I could develop strategies for improvement. We discussed marketing, sales strategies, growth, operational systems and the development of a business plan.

Stewart was able to provide insight into my business and assisted me to recognise areas which were not sustainable and we discussed how to achieve growth from the areas which were. He provided me with a strategy to move forward as well as giving me additional tools and information which will assist me in moving forward.

I would highly recommend Stewart to any business owner who wants to improve their business outcomes.

Interior Design

It took a while to decide that I needed help with my business. I knew I needed some guidance but was quite worried about who what when and where. I bit the bullet and decided that it was time for Stewart to help me, especially as he had a package for really small business like mine that allowed me to basically do the work myself but with his guidance.

He has made such a difference in the short time we have worked together. The difference at this stage being how I see myself and my business. And as we work together I can feel growth happening and I look forward to the journey with his help. How does one man get to know so much about running a business? I can’t answer that but Stewart is that person.

He truly is amazing.


Thank you very much for your interesting and informative address to our club last night. It was obvious that the members were fascinated by what you had to say and enjoyed your presentation style.

Rotary Club

Stewart at SCS Performance has been fantastic for our business. As I am a tradesman and have mainly worked on the tools and not having much experience running a business, I realized I needed some help.

With growth in our business, it meant that I had stepped back off the tools and started to concentrate on the business itself.

Since employing Stewart he has taught me everything from reporting on the numbers all the way through to sales and marketing. His vast experience and knowledge have been an asset to myself and my company.

Service Industry

Stewart was instrumental in providing professional guidance and advice when we decided to change our business direction several years ago. He worked with us in designing a whole new operational process, reporting templates and risk controls for the business. He also brought our business into the new age of social media which had an immediate effect of increased enquiries and increased client base.

This has meant that we are not only providing a better of level of service to our customers, but we are more efficient in delivering our reporting without compromising the content.

The greater efficiency in delivering reporting has increased the company’s profit margin. For some years now Stewart has continued to review the business with us and provide strategies to ensure our business remains efficient and to provide us more time outside the business.

I would highly recommend Stewart to anybody looking to maximise their business potential.

Building Industry

We knew that we had a good practice, but it was more controlling us rather than the other way around. Stewart came in and read our business like a book – showing us a number of areas for improvement – both for financial and personal (time) gain.

With a detailed plan of what to concentrate on, we have been able to ascertain a clear, precise path to positive change in our business’ growth.

Legal Industry


You’ll also receive the first chapter of Stewart’s best-selling book “It’s not what you make it’s what you keep” as our gift to you.

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