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To understand how you create wealth from a well built Strategic Business Plan, contact us today for an obligation-free discussion.

The fastest….and smartest way to build a business, is starting with a well considered strategic business plan. It maximises your resources and minimises your errors.

Strategic Business Planning is appropriate for all businesses, whether they are; start-ups, established businesses, small, medium or large. Every business will benefit, but naturally – the type of plan or planning process needs to align to the size and complexity of the business.

We have creating Strategic Business Plans for more than a decade and can help you:

  • Understand how and where you can drive benefit from a plan
  • Choose the appropriate type of plan - which is fit for purpose for your business
  • Build the plan with you - within your budget of time and money

We specialise in helping business owners who want a premium and professional Strategic Business Plan – customised for their business, but delivered in a format which enables them drive their business forward.

Working with us will help you create a more valuable plan which you can directly integrate into your business.


* The ability to plan on paper, quickly and cheaply, rather than experimenting with real cash and resources in the real world

* Creates the ability to draw tangible progress points for tracking and accountability (for you and your team)

* Enables the key actions to be identified to progress your business to the next growth/profit level

* Allows scenario testing and research for new products, equipment or staff to ensure viability

Our approach…….

To start with, you need to consider the most appropriate planning process and format for your needs, as one rule does not fit all businesses.

We consider how the plan will be used and for what audience – as this will influence the planning format used.

With all of our Strategic Business Plans, they are built for the specific business, customised to their strengths, weaknesses and objectives.

Semantic of Strategic Business Plan - 8 week version

Creating your Business Plan

For our Strategic Business Planning service, we build these with you over consecutive weeks in a set program structure of 6, 8 or 12 weeks. This means that the draw on your time is minimised, whilst at the same time allowing the creation of a more considered plan.

The time between sessions provides valuable thinking time, as well as confirmation of what has been agreed from one meeting to the next.

As part of our planning process, we guide you towards what we believe is the most appropriate planning format for your needs. We consider several factors in this and have 3 core formats that we use.

Creating a Strategic Business Plan is a step in a business improvement progress, as it identifies what needs to be done to progress the business forward. As part of our process, we specifically identify all of these individual action points to make bringing the plan to life that much easier.

Our Strategic Business Plan service can be provided in the follow ways;

  • Discrete service - Strategic Business Plan build only
  • Package service - Strategic Business Plan AND Financial Model build
  • Program service - Strategic Business Plan build (with or without the Financial Model) and then coupled with a Coaching Program to cover its implementation

We also have a micro business option available for those on strict budgets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to devote to this?

– For our core Strategic Business Plan builds, our business owners normally contribute about 90 minutes per week, as we are doing the bulk of the work. Most of this time is spent being interviewed by us.

How much does it cost?

– We have several options and offer a few different payment options, including progress payments and discounts for those who want to pay up front. To give you an accurate quote – contact us so we can assess your requirements.

How often should I do a Strategic Business Plan?

– It depends a bit on your growth rate and the volume of change in your business/industry, but a new plan every 2-3 years with 3-6 monthly reviews in-between, works well for most small to medium businesses.