It’s cheap and easy to plan on paper, but very expensive to experiment in the real world

Solving business problems and helping your business succeed

We offer expert advice and business consulting services to business owners to build business legacy (wealth and value for the long term), support their chosen lifestyle (income, hours etc), while building in personal freedom (for how they operate their business).

Our methods are time proven and have been successfully deployed across a wide range of businesses and industry types, from building and trades, all the way through to bookkeepers and a speech pathologist. Our coaches have depth of real business experience – so the issues you are facing, are ones that we have seen and solved before.

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Business Improvement issues we Solve

  • Cashflow issues

    Either it’s not balanced or there is simply not enough of it due to poor turnover or poor pricing (or both)

  • Owners Stress

    Staring at the ceiling at 2am in the morning – worried about the business, with this generally driven by long hours, poor delegation, staff issues or lack of cashflow

  • People/staff issues

    It takes time to become a good leader of people, noting that many business owners have never “studied” in this area

  • Long work hours

    With the business consuming excessive time away from life, family, hobbies etc, often due to a lack of business or cashflow

  • Succession or retirement

    An end date is known, but there is no real plan to exit the business or harvest its value – OR, you have years ahead of you but want to build a business that is valuable

If any of these points are you and you are serious about actually making a change, then reach out and make a time to discuss your situation. We don’t treat these as sales calls – our objective is to quickly flesh out the issues and see if we can assist.

If We Can

We will invite you to have a deeper discussion so we can map out options for you to consider. We have a range of program options (as you will see on this site). They all work at driving business improvement, but we apply the right program to the business’ needs – rather than just pushing a business into the most convenient program.

We also cater to a range of budget points and delivery methods, so there is a business improvement option for every business.

If We Can’t

Then we will at least give you a few suggestions to pursue. If we are not the right solution for you – then you will hear that from us.

Our Business Improvement Process

At a core level, our business improvement methodology is formed around three foundation philosophies:

  • Strategize – Considered thought in planning
  • Energize – Disciplined execution of planned activities
  • Optimize – Rigour around the measurement, monitoring and management of performance

Whilst in many ways these philosophy’s appear simple (and we support the notion that they are), the ability to consistently apply them – from within the maelstrom of the average small to medium business – is anything but simple.

To combat this, we have developed a unique process and a range of programs so that continual incremental progress is achieved.

Some Important Points

  • All of our programs use common tools and background elements, so if you need to shift up a gear (or down one) with your business improvement plans, then you can very easily.
  • Outside of a Business Planning activity (covered on a simple fee for service basis), all of our programs are delivered in an “on-demand” basis with monthly billing and no lock-in contracts. We have run our programs like this for years, so our clients are in control of our tenure – not us.
  • Across all of our different program options, we apply accountability to ensure improvement is being achieved. So, if you are not prepared to make positive changes in your business – then we are not the service for you.

As we work on incrementally improving businesses, consistent application of the owners time towards business improvement is important. This does not need to mean a lot of time – but more the consistent application of some time.

If you can’t prioritise some regular time towards making positive changes in your business for longer term wealth and success, then you are perhaps not ready for an improvement program.

So, is Business Improvement for you?

To find out, contact us using one of the various forms for a no cost consultation.

There is also more information on our programs on this site and our Blog library shows a greater level of detail in some of the areas we work on with our business clients.

As Henry Ford said:

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. This means if you are not happy with your current business performance – then you need to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. If you do nothing, then nothing will change.

Our key deliverables are that we buy back owners time, reduce owner stress and build owner wealth – however…. the next step is on you.


You’ll also receive the first chapter of Stewart’s best-selling book “It’s not what you make it’s what you keep” as our gift to you.

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