An Experienced Advisor – On-Call for when you need them

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners around Australia, providing guidance on business structure, pricing, profit growth, building cashflow and many other business building topics.

Business Mentor Sessions

Off the back of a successful program we delivered on behalf of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our Business Mentor Sessions are a no strings attached mentor appointment.

The Business Mentor Sessions are delivered broadly around tactical guidance, accountability and a limited amount of strategy – with you driving the topics, not us. This means that you get the guidance you need on the issues that you have in your business right now.

Our sessions are delivered online using Zoom (or over the phone if you prefer) and are parcelled in hour long sessions. Thus, not only are you in control of when you take a session – but also how many.

Typical Mentor Topics

The topics covered in the mention sessions are as wide and and varied as the nature of the different businesses. They can also range from being very specific to wider, more general business. No topic is off the table, if you need to ask – we are here to respond.

Common topics include;

  • Cashflow – generally around how can you improve it and get the cash in faster. Another common cashflow topic is “I am busy….but have not money!”
  • Staff Structure – for the business who is starting to grow, working out how to get the most from your new employee is an important call
  • Marketing – the perennial question of “I need more leads” comes up a lot, with lots of guidance given around target markets and the different marketing tactics
  • Pricing – these are often around how to quote and the price correctly….so you make money

To book a Business Mentor Session now – follow this LINK to see the available times.

Improve business performance with timely guidance when you need it

All sessions are completed online by appointment, with sessions duration running for at least an hour. We focus on value and delivering the guidance you need, so if we go a bit over the session time – the extra time is on us.

The Business Mentor Session are perfect for those businesses who want to be in total control of when the meet, but wish to have and “advisor” on standby for they need them.

  • Single sessions are available for $295 plus GST
  • A summary action note is issued after each session to drive action and accountability
  • 4 session packages are available for $1,000 plus GST - for use over 6 months