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Stewart Clark from SCS Performance is our business coach - why?  Because he actually helps us get results.  

Since starting our business in 2003, my partner and I have used a number of avenues to build our business skills - experience, books, workshops, seminars, business owner groups and entrepreneur training.  Prior to starting with Stewart in 2015, we knew WHAT we needed to do to improve our business - just didn’t have the structures in place to actually do it.  

We improved our business revenue by 18% last financial year, and are on track to increase it by a further 21% this year.     

How are we achieving this?  Stewart’s particular talent is to identify the next actions to do to move the business along, then to actually help with the implementation and ensure they happen.  In recent months, we have developed a brochure, redesigned our website, changed our CRM and Project Management software so we have objective management data, updated our operational software, increased the range of our product offering and started presenting to business groups on topics close to our heart, such as online marketing.

Do I recommend Stewart Clark as your business coach?  Absolutely.  He is approachable, practical and honest - and he improves your business results. Don’t wait - give him a call.

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Online coaching program available when you are, to grow and develop your business

Online coaching program  available when you are, to grow and develop your business
  • Single once off purchase
  • Lifelong use of tools
  • Money back guarantee

If you are one of many small to medium business owners who seek greater time freedom and wealth, but struggle to convert your core operating skills into a business which makes you good money (without consuming every minute of your life) then now is the time to act.

You are already aware that you need to do something…..but are perhaps unsure as to what.

Our guidance - do something…..and do it now, as continued procrastination will only cost you more money and time.

Our Strategies for Business Success program has been designed for those who aren't quite ready or able to commit to full business coaching yet, but who want more. This is for businesses who want practical guidance, actions and...results.

The program wraps together 4 of the most powerful concepts in business - planning, margins, marketing and sales, and includes bite sized video modules and tools to help implement them into your everyday operations immediately.

Our online coaching program is specifically designed for start-up’s, micro and sole traders who are looking to further develop their business for greater success.

What you get from the Online Coaching Program

  • AComprehensive suite of 22 videos covering the 4 critical modules of Planning, Margins, Marketing and Sales.
    • Planning – enables you to work out quickly and cheaply the greatest opportunity for your business success.
    • Margins – understand how and where you make money in your business – and equally, what products or services are costing you.
    • Marketing – define your target market and develop a customised marketing strategy so you are able to generate new client opportunities.
    • Sales – refine your selling skills so you close more sales, as it’s only when you sell - that you actually make money.
  • Tools and templates to guide your business improvement.
  • Email support desk for program questions.
  • Monthly newsletter and access to an online library of business improvement topics
  • Available in both USB and downloadable formats
  • Blog library of business Improvement topics.

Plus, you receive a bonus 20-minute phone consultation to focus you on the core improvement opportunities for your business, along with a ebook copy of “It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep”.


Strategies for Business Success is available for instant purchase and download from the Teachable platform. Click here for access.

With its low purchase cost, our online coaching program is ideal for businesses operating on a restricted budget, but who are still looking to make meaningful changes to their operations.

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