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  • Keep more money in your pocket
  • Make more time for yourself
  • Do more good business with less stress
  • Build a business that works FOR you

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7+ years serving Melbourne family businesses

Average client support – 18 months

27 years business finance experience

Explore smarter ways to keep your business growing in bite-sized 2 hour blocks once a fortnight:

Explore smarter ways to keep your business growing in bite-sized 2 hour blocks once a fortnight:

  • Run your business with confidence, instead of being run ragged by it.
  • Know when and why you make money with competitive pricing and accurate margins.
  • Plan with confidence, making your market instead of reacting to it.
  • Don’t struggle with cash flow - deliver real security and prosperity for your family
  • Create an asset for your future, not a burden.
Is this you?

Is this you?

  • Are you a new or established family business in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs?
  • Are you privately owned?
  • Do you know your business has legs – but you can’t get them working well?
  • Are you operating on a restricted budget?
  • Are you looking for a trusted advisor who can give you long term advice and support as you grow?
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The Business Mentor on Demand Group program has turned my business around. Profit is up by around 30%, I’m more aware of my costings and my sales close rate has improved. Fantastic value for any business who wants to make money.

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Do good business – not just hard work

Do good business – not just hard work

In today’s volatile and unforgiving marketplace, it’s all too easy to get lost inside your family business. Days become weeks and then weeks become months. The hours get longer and the time you have free to enjoy living your life shrinks – family and friends, sports and hobbies – all keep ending up on the “later” list, while your stress and fatigue go up and up. Business is hard to win, margins are tight and there’s never enough money in your account for you to relax. You don’t want your partner or your people to worry, so you suck it in and work harder.

The business shrinkage cycle

The business shrinkage cycle

Cash flow hiccups become chronic shortages, relationships break down, little issues explode. You give up family time to win the next job to pay the next bill, while good staff leave because they can’t see a future. There’s never enough money or time to invest in the marketing and support that would get you out of the shrinkage cycle. Working harder isn’t enough. Worse still, working harder can actually put you on the slippery slope to poverty in retirement.

Work smarter instead…

Work smarter instead…

What you need is more powerful tools, solid guidance, accountability and a smarter, clearer perspective. When you have strategic, practical actions to take under expert guidance delivered with real, caring support THEN you can build a profitable family business and secure your future and the future of those you love. You’ll become a business master with the confidence and the expertise to adapt and thrive in the face of increasing and rapid change.

Meet Stewart Clark

Meet Stewart Clark

I’m Stewart Clark, business banker turned business builder.

After almost 3 decades in Australian banking, providing services to business customers, I decided it was time for a change.

I “retired” from banking in 2013 to become a business banking advocate and cashflow/risk advisor (under the Next Element brand) – helping businesses deal better with their banks.

Over time, I found that most small businesses weren’t realising their potential – and there was a lot of suffering and stress and loss going on that just didn’t need to happen.   Good businesses were getting sold because the owners were burnt out – not because the business didn’t have potential.

What was missing was “advanced driver” training on business finance specifically tuned for family businesses.

So SCS Performance was born – to provide practical tools and skills to family businesses to make them financially sound, wealth-building assets.

Author of:

“It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep” & “Strategies for Business Success”

Member of:

Whitehorse Business Group
Network of Consulting Professionals


Past Fellow - FINSIA
Assoc. Member - REIV
MBA - Mt Eliza Bus. School
Ass Dip Bus - Banking & Finance

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The things you don’t get taught about

The things you don’t get taught about

The key issues for most small businesses are:

  • Not marketing effectively
  • Not pricing effectively
  • Not managing people effectively
  • Not planning effectively
  • Not managing risk effectively

Our program addresses multiple aspects of these core issues – so that ultimately you learn to drive more money to the business owner (you).

Regardless of their skill and talent, professional athletes invest a lot of time and energy in building core strength and flexibility.

The families that do well in business don’t just have expert practitioners. They also have good financial skills.

The core strength of any truly successful business is knowing HOW to make money.

When you know HOW to make money, then the stress of “not enough money” vanishes.

You feel better, your relationships work better and you work better with your staff.  

You have more time to spend on the important things in your life – your health, your family, your friends AND you.

You become as competent as a business manager as you are at your “day job”.  

You know that you’re leaving “Struggle Street” behind you.

Improve your business 1 small, bite-sized module at a time through 24 fortnightly units spread over 12 months.

Improve your business 1 small, bite-sized module at a time through 24 fortnightly units spread over 12 months.

Each 2 hour, face-2-face, self-contained session with your practical, skills-oriented advisor has:

  • 70 minutes of highly interactive content – useful information, summary slides, meaningful exercises, real discussion and practical worksheets.
  • 20 minute debrief of the previous module to ensure action isn’t stalled by misunderstandings.
  • 20 minutes of general question and answer time - so you get what you need to take immediate, strategic action.

How much time do you need to allow?

Outside of attending the module sessions, there is very little pre-work. What there WILL be is an action to be taken after it. This does not need to be time consuming – but we do suggest that you allow an hour or two. (And if you can’t afford an hour to take action afterwards, then you’re probably not ready for the program.)

We also have revision sessions to ensure your understanding, along with email and phone support. So when you get back to work and find out that you “missed something” – you can get access to what you need when you need it.

We don’t TALK about how you should work on your business – we get you WORKING  on your business – with all the support you need to take action.

24 modules over 12 months, with built in revision to make sure you’re making good use of what you learn.

  • Initial business assessment review to guide your strategy and help you measure your progress.
  • Module to module milestone setting and accountability tracking to drive progress.
  • Start any time, on any module
  • Tools and templates to guide your business improvement and tame your challenges
  • The company of growth-oriented, like-minded peers on the same journey as you are
  • Email and phone support between sessions
  • Access to our library of business improvement articles.

What is my investment?

  • Monthly subscription of $375 + GST (per business, not participant)
  • No lock in fee, no fixed/term contract, no break clause.
  • Monthly billing from when you start your first module.

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Thank you very much for your interesting and informative address to our club last night. It was obvious that the members were fascinated by what you had to say and enjoyed your presentation style.

Rotary Club


Will it work for me?

We use time tested tools and business improvement techniques which have been used over many industries – so yes, if will work for you if you attend the workshops and implement the actions.

How many in each group?

Maximum 8 businesses per group.

Are there any other costs?

No – everything is included in the monthly fee except for your time. Any other third-party activities which you undertake (ie, build a web site) are naturally at your cost.

What if I have questions or need help after the workshop?

We offer email and phone support between workshops to support embedding the change actions.

Where are the workshops run?

Currently group programs are operating in Ringwood, just off the Eastlink. Consideration is also being given to other locations in the south east of Melbourne.

So if you are ready to keep more of what you make

Keep more money in your pocket
Make more time for yourself
Do more good business with less stress
Build a business that works FOR you

Then don't delay - apply now to start improving your business

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Download the free eBook

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