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Based on your support and implementation of better advertising and constant follow up of all jobs quoted, we are now in a position of growth, we have change our strategy to promote the services instead of building a brand.

The rewards are already showing and we are now in a position of growth, based on the trend I believe that I can continue to drive the growth of the business, it was good to be reassured by someone with good business experience.

Manufacturing / Fabrication

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Assess your business performance with a business diagnostic review

Assess your business performance with a business diagnostic review

Do you know which specific areas you need to focus on to improve your business? Or do you wonder how much untapped potential is left in your business?

A business diagnostic review puts your business under the microscope and gives you a clear and detailed picture of your current business performance. 

We assess your business against 10 key performance areas, including operational, marketing, sales, processes and finance. We then provide you with a detailed report on how your business performs against each, along with recommendations for improving key areas.

How it works

We visit your workplace and spend 90 minutes with you collecting information about your business, and understanding your business goals and concerns. Upon completion of our assessment, we provide you with a detailed report assessing your business performance and highlighting areas of improvement, with practical steps on how you can improve. 

What you get

You'll get a clear and practical assessment of your business' potential, a list of recommended actions for business improvement and the potential financial gains to be made by implementing business changes. 


  • Valuable insight into how you can improve your business. 
  • Customised, practical recommendations
  • Clarity and direction around the steps you need to take to meet your business goals.


A comprehensive business performance review is $495 and includes a 90-minute on-site visit at your business, detailed written report and tailored advice to suit your business goals. 

This cost is fully refunded if you participate in the Business Performance Program within three months of your Business Performance Review. 

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