The pathway to a Multi-Million Dollar Electrical Contracting business

Learn the 3 core things you need to know to reduce stress and put more profit to the bottom line….that have nothing to do with electricity,

Duration: 45mins

Your Host: Stewart Clark

Your Host: Stewart Clark

Business Coach - Financial Educator - Trade & Contracting Business Specialist

After 27+ years providing $1.2M in funding to small and medium businesses - and.... studying thousands of business model in the process, Stewart took his years of experience in strategy, marketing/sale, people, risk and operational discipline, and turned business builder in 2013.

Since then, he has been providing business owners with practical tools and skills to streamline their business and make them highly efficient and financially sound. This generates a strong wealth-building asset which provides some real life balance and choice for the owner.



RE-TUNE your business so you can have the freedom to live life how you want.

MANAGE your money so you have low stress and can sleep at night.

BUILD a productive team working for you so you don’t have to do everything yourself.

CREATE time for yourself and still make a profit that allows you to get ahead.

I’ll teach you the strategies I learned years ago that changed everything and will allow you to:

  • Be a better decision-maker so your business works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Have steady cashflow that’s regularly increasing your profits and giving you the financial freedom that you want.
  • Be healthier and live longer, because you have time for you, your health and exercise.
  • And most importantly, have plenty of time to spend with your family.

Learn the 3 core things you need to do when it comes to day-to-day business commitments

  • How to manage your cashflow for low stress and no sleepless nights
  • The simple way to manage and get the most from your staff
  • A little-known secret for putting time back in your day

If you’re sick of struggling to get consistent, predictable cash flow…

…or tired of having to do everything in your business…

…and if you’re “over” being the least paid person (p/hour) in your business…

….then click the button below to register for our 45-minute webinar and learn how you can change your results almost instantly.

The best news is, for a limited time it’s FREE to attend this online class and gain our training – BUT… it’s solely on you as to what you do now – either continue to put up with what you have now, OR take control and do something about it.

Many other trade/contracting businesses have stepped up to make positive change – so it simply comes down to whether you are serious about getting the business and life that you want.

Stewart is a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is firm and holds us accountable, which in a small business is vital for understanding all aspects of our business and enabling growth.

Thanks for being on our team Stewart.

Melbourne Home Builders(Google Review)

Think about everything your doing for your business today, now imagine doing it better. in my short time with Stewart and SCS Performance i have learnt things about my business and the ways to improve how they are done that i could never have though to learn in such a short amount of time Stewart’s vast knowledge in all areas of business on things i cant even begin to comprehend astounds me to this day the value that Stewart has bought to my business is amazing and i cant wait to see where we take it in the future thanks again Stewart i’m so very luck to have you on my team.

Harry Cisar-Wright

Aprimo Painters(Google Review)

After taking over the family plumbing business 5 years ago I quickly realized how little i knew about running a small business.

Stewart’s guidance, knowledge and expertise are the reason I now have a successful commercial plumbing business with 40 staff and now a residential plumbing business with 7 technicians, all of this in just 3 years, cant wait to see what we can do over the next 3 years, thank you so much Stewart.

Xceptional Plumbing(Google Review)

Stuart has been a fantastic business mentor, his in-depth knowledge of finance and business structure is 2nd to none. A large pool of resources; including bookkeepoers, web designers, marketing experts and legal advise make Stuart a one stop shop. I highly recommend his expertise for any business of any size.

Tim Donnellan

Tidon Constructions(Google Review)

We joined the Business Mentor on Demand Program 3 months ago and it has been the best decision we made during these strange times. Stewart’s knowledge & experience in dealing with many Small Businesses, candid feedback and follow up has been instrumental in helping us make significant changes in how we operate. Thank you Stewart! We look forward to continue to learn and create change with your guidance!

Jackie Palihena

Signarama(Google Review)

The Business Demand Group Training really opened up my eyes on all different parts through out my business, the one to one’s with Stewart are very knowledgeable and a very understanding person. I would highly recommend SCS Performance to any business.

Ian Pullar

Finess Car Care(Google Review)

The Business Mentor on Demand Group program has turned my business around. Profit is up by around 30%, I’m more aware of my costings and my sales close rate has improved. Fantastic value for any business who wants to make money.

Rick Naylor

LRB Electrical Pty Ltd(Google Review)