Unlocking Your Investment with a Business Sale

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To have a meaningful discussion around what your business is worth and how it could be sold to the market for maximum return, contact us today for an obligation-free discussion.

After years of hard work, the greatest acknowledgement for a valuable business is for it to be able to be sold.

When it’s time to sell your business, we can help you achieve maximum sales value with our professional appraisal services.

Stewart Clark is an accredited Business Broker and can help you:

  • Position your business for sale
  • Appraise it
  • Provide guidance on how to structure and execute its marketing program to facilitate a sale.

We specialise in helping business owners who want a premium and professional level of service to assist with the sale of their business.

Working with us will help you achieve a more successful business sale outcome.

Selling your business for maximum return

Achieving a successful business sale is not something that can be taken for granted. At any point in time, there are thousands of businesses for sale across every imaginable industry, price point and location, all claiming to be a great buy.

There are plenty of people offering their opinion as to the value of your business, how to sell it and claiming that it’s easy.

Of course selling your business just isn’t that simple.

Our approach…….

To start with, you need to consider the best approach for the sale of your business, as one rule does not fit all businesses.

You also need to ensure that you position your business correctly so that your business is saleable.

A purchaser must be able to see that the business can trade successfully without you – otherwise they will not buy it.

Calculating the value of your business

With the business then in the correct shape to sell and the decision made to sell it, you need to assemble the right information to calculate the value of your business.

It is around this point where some large numbers will get thrown around and it will feel like you may already be in a bidding war – and this is only from those wanting to sell your business!!!

A very astute Business Broker once said to me, don’t appraise and list a business you don’t believe you can sell for that value….

Appraising a business is not possible from a quick glance, nor is a high value the best option – a correctly appraised business provides maximum value to the vendor – but remains saleable in the market.

When we appraise a business for sale, we will not only declare what we believe it’s worth, but we will also:

  • Explain how we came to that number
  • Why we have added back or adjusted the declared profit; and
  • How we came to any earnings multiple we may have used.

When it comes to debating the sale price with a potential purchaser, you will be able to defend and justify the asking price.

Business Appraisal Service

A confidential written Business Appraisal service is available for business owners who want to understand the market value of their business.

Offering the Business – Market Appraisal,  our report is designed to provide an objective market appraisal of the value of the business for the purchase/sale as a going concern.

Utilising business analysis, on-site interviews and financial assessment, these reports assess the business against 14 different business characteristics to aid in assessing value.