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Stewart Clark from SCS Performance is our business coach - why?  Because he actually helps us get results.  

Since starting our business in 2003, my partner and I have used a number of avenues to build our business skills - experience, books, workshops, seminars, business owner groups and entrepreneur training.  Prior to starting with Stewart in 2015, we knew WHAT we needed to do to improve our business - just didn’t have the structures in place to actually do it.  

We improved our business revenue by 18% last financial year, and are on track to increase it by a further 21% this year.     

How are we achieving this?  Stewart’s particular talent is to identify the next actions to do to move the business along, then to actually help with the implementation and ensure they happen.  In recent months, we have developed a brochure, redesigned our website, changed our CRM and Project Management software so we have objective management data, updated our operational software, increased the range of our product offering and started presenting to business groups on topics close to our heart, such as online marketing.

Do I recommend Stewart Clark as your business coach?  Absolutely.  He is approachable, practical and honest - and he improves your business results. Don’t wait - give him a call.

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Grow and improve your business with our Business Performance Program

Grow and improve your business with our Business Performance Program

Time to get your business off the ground? Or expand your operations?  

It’s not just the big guys who want to make more money, spend less time at work or generate a business that can be sold. Small and medium business owners want the same thing – only they are normally trying to do this with a small budget and more limited resources.

That’s where we come in.

If you want the guidance of an experienced business coach and the structure of a planned program to take your business to the next level, then our Business Performance Program is for you. 

Designed for business owners with established businesses, the Business Performance Program is a tailored, monthly program of one-on-one support, guidance and advice to help you plan and implement changes in your business.  

Utilising our unique, Strategize, Energize and Optimize framework - we work with you to get the critical planning and quesitoning done on paper, rather than just experimenting in the real world at 10 times the cost. With this information in hand, its then the effective implementation of key changes to drive your forward success.

Working with our expert business advisors, you’ll get the focus and support you need to take your business to the next level, whether that be growth, refining your processes and ‘getting serious with business’ or preparing to transition.  

What you get

  • Initial business assessment review and written report
  • Dedicated face-to-face facilitation sessions each at your business - choose from weekly or fortnightly 
  • Structured one-on-one business improvement program
  • Vision, planning, milestones and accountability tracking
  • Tools and templates to guide your business improvement or tame your challenge
  • Email access between meeting items
  • On demand phone access for quick questions to keep the improvement process moving

Plus, as a bonus you’ll also receive a free Business Performance Review at the commencement of the program. 


The program is 100% tailored to suit your business needs so the investment varies depending on your circumstances.  

You pay a monthly amount over an agreed timeframe.  

Get started

To discuss how the Business Performance Program would improve your business, contact us directly on 1300 626 488 OR enquire via our form below.

Looking for a lower cost business package? See our Business Mentor on Demand package

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